Pupils at Archbishop Temple School are given an excellent start as far as academic achievement is concerned, but for our young people we are only one step along a pathway of lifelong learning. The opportunity to develop skills to make informed decisions about their future is crucial to ensuring that our pupils fulfil their potential. To this end we make provision for pupils to gain independent and impartial careers guidance.

As early as Year 8 we introduce the concept of post 16 choices through events such as EXPO, a careers exhibition involving local employers and training providers. We build on this in Year 9 with further experiences for pupils at local colleges so that they make the vital link between GCSE option choices and their future career pathway. During Year 10 and 11 there are further opportunities  for the pupils to experience the range of provision available from post 16 providers and training organisations within Lancashire. This is achieved through visits to local colleges, visits by speakers to assemblies and workshops that run throughout crucial times of year when pupils may want to build on and clarify the information they have gathered. In addition, pupils and parents have access to Lancashire Interactive, a comprehensive careers package which can be accessed remotely.

Very importantly we have our own careers adviser, who works with pupils on an individual basis to investigate career pathways. This is particularly important within a changing labour market and at a time when the training opportunities for young people are affected by numerous external factors.