1 February 2018

As we reported yesterday, earlier this month we asked our staff members whether they took part in the Icelandic tradition of 'Jolabokaflod', or Christmas Book Flood, where family members give the gift of a book to be read on Christmas Eve, along with some chocolate to be eaten whilst reading the book. Mrs Knight, Second in English and our school's Enterprise Coordinator took part. It is always interesting to find out which books people enjoy and buy for friends and family. Mrs Knight talks about the books she bought for her family to celebrate 'Jolabokaflod' and whether her family enjoyed the tradition.

"I bought my husband Paul Weller's 'Sounds from the Studio'," said Mrs Knight. "He isn't really a keen reader, so he will be reading it for a while but I knew this would be something he would love and I have found him reading it on a number of occasions!"

"For my sister I bought 'Circle of Friends' by Maeve Binchy, one of my Mum's favourites. I knew my sister had never read it. She is loving it as it has so many memories connected to mum."

"My dad's face lit up with pleasure as he pulled the brown paper off his gift. I bought him a book about his hero, Winston Churchill, 'Six Minutes in May - How Churchill Unexpectedly Became Prime Minister' by Nicholas Shakespeare. He will take a while to read it but I knew he would love it."

"I bought my neice lots of books as she loves reading and devours books. I bought her a signed copy of 'Ink' by Alice Broadway, her smile lit up the room as she realised it was a signed copy!  I also bought her a set of the 'Chronicles of Narnia' by C.S. Lewis which have somehow passed her by and a copy of 'Wonder' by R.J. Palacio. She has read all of them already. Emily is keen to continue the new tradition and cannot with for her birthday when she knows I will be buying her lots more books!"

" 'I am Pilgrim' by Terry Hayes is a book I have read a number of times and, despite some flaws, love. I bought a copy for my 15 year old nephew. He was not over enamoured when he looked at the thickness of the book but he is beginning to enjoy it and is reading more then he has done in along time."

"The whole family loved the idea of 'Jolabokaflod' and we want to keep the tradition up again next year."

Posted by Mrs L Brown

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