6 Mar 2018

We have had a very busy week in the library. The Scholastic Book Fair has proved very popular, we sold over 40 books on the first day! It is great to see so many pupils and teachers using the library in a different way. The Book Fair has also given the Pupil Librarians experience of working in a busy bookselling environment.

We have also had a lot of fun dressing up the library with balloons and bunting to celebrate World Book Day. A variety of inspirational reading quotes were shown on the Morning Report in the run up to the day and pupils were reminded to bring in their book to read. Pupils and teachers took part in Drop Everything and Read. So many pupils took so much from it, here is some of the feedback Mrs Knight, Second in English,  received from her year 7 class; 

'It helped settle me into the lesson'

'I felt calmer after we had read for a bit.'

'I would like to do it more often.'

'I liked seeing the teachers read their own books.'

The forthcoming issue of Communiqué will be a World Book Day special, featuring staff book recommendations, book reviews written by pupils, the benefits of reading at home and more news from World Book Day. 

Many thanks for all your support in ensuring all our pupils are keen readers.



Posted by Mrs L Brown

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