7 June 2018

This week our school pupil librarians have been busy scouting the canteen, yard and library to catch pupils engrossed in a book. Anyone found reading at break or lunchtime received a treat. 

"Any reader engagement activity, like 'Get Caught Reading' is to encourage more pupils to read in their spare time. They may have lost the reading bug and this is a gentle reminder to read, " said Mrs Dearden, school Librarian.

"Chocolate and books go together so well and it was just a little treat to give to pupils caught reading in other parts of school, as well as the library. We have had more people reading in the library this week, which has been great to see!"

Pupils thought it was a good idea too. Year 8 pupil Millie, who is a pupil librarian, said, "I like the idea, I think it will encourage some people and people who already read, it is rewarding them. I think it is nice to reward people who come regularly to the library." 

"I'd like to take part in it again. Maybe pupils could be rewarded when they take part in other extra-curricular activities too."

Posted by Mrs L Brown

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