10 Sep 2018

A couple of months ago a large, papier maché Harry Potter sorting hat went missing from the school library. As we are both library assistants, we decided to make a replacement.  

Mrs Markham, Head of Art, provided the resources and guidance to make the hat. First, we placed wire mesh and a cardboard circle to form a cone and then moulded it into the shape of the sorting hat. We then used plaster of Paris to create the folds and features. After hours of drying, we painted it in different tones of brown, using acrylic paint. Finally, we presented the sorting hat to Mrs Dearden, our school librarian.

“I was touched when I found out David, Carmen and their friends were making another sorting hat. Lots of our regular library users had asked if we had found the old sorting hat and were really impressed by the new one,” said Mrs Dearden. “I hope the sorting hat adds to the library’s ambience and that many pupils enjoy it in years to come.”

We would like to thank Mrs Markham, Sara and Sarah for helping us out. We are really proud with the finished result!

Carmen and David, Year 10.

Posted by Mrs L Brown

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