14 September 2018

There were sweets galore and a whole lot more, to celebrate Roald Dahl day on Thursday. 

The school library marked the splendiferous author’s birthday with a party at lunchtime. Pupils who borrowed books from the library could choose from a selection of cakes and crazily named sweets. There were giant horse lozenges in the shape of fluffy marshmallows, pig pills in the shape of fruit flavoured jellybeans and false teeth cleaning pills in the shape of mint imperials.

“I thought the party was a really good idea,” said Elliott, in year 9. “Roald Dahl wrote lots of inspirational stories so it is important to celebrate his birthday.”

Pupils also had the opportunity to win a giant lolly, in the Golden Ticket hunt and complete a selection of Roald Dahl related puzzles. Mr Stringfellow, Head of English, also popped up to the library to read a chapter of George’s Marvellous Medicine.

Thanks to Mrs Dearden, school Librarian, for organising a fun session.


Posted by Mrs L Brown

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