25 September 2019

Two pupils in year 7 have decided to start a book club for girls in key stage 3. Ria and Hannah attended different primary schools and met in our school library. 

"We both enjoy reading books," said Hannah. "Then we had an idea one day, 'why don't we start a book club?'"

"We spoke to Mrs Dearden, the school librarian, she told us about another book club that exists in the library but it is mainly attended by boys. We wanted to set up a book club for girls," said Ria. "We spoke to some of our friends and they said they would like to come along."

"It was very timely when Ria and Hannah approached me to set up a girls book club, as I had been looking to set up a club just for girls,” said Mrs Dearden, School Librarian. “‘Temple Book Club’ is a well-attended and established school book club; however, boys primarily attend it. I suggested that the girls come up with a name for their club."

The girls decided to call their club the ‘The Girlies Book Club’ and to meet twice a week at lunchtime. The girls who attend the club enjoy reading a wide variety of books in their spare time, from biographies to Roald Dahl's fictional tales. 

“The book the group are currently reading is ‘A Good Day for Climbing Trees’ by Jaco Jacobs,” said Mrs Dearden. “It is part of a set we receive free as part of a ‘Library Pack’ from The Book Trust.”

“The group are each taking it in turns to read the story aloud to each other. This is amazing as there are so many benefits to reading aloud, such as developing stronger vocabulary, building connections between the spoken and written word, increasing attention span and so on.”

“It is great for other pupils in the library to see book groups taking place as it encourages children to read and they might think about joining one of our book clubs. The clubs are brilliant for improving literacy and widening friendship groups.”

‘Temple Book Club’ and ‘The Girlies Book Club’ take place in the library at lunchtimes. If your son or daughter is interested in joining, they should see Mrs Dearden, School Librarian, for details.

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