3 October 2019

A record number of applicants have applied for the available pupil librarian posts. Mrs Dearden, School Librarian, has received thirty-two applications with seven pupils being recruited following an interview process.

“The standard of all of the applications is very high,” said Mrs Dearden. “Each of the successful applicants will be trained to use the library management system, so they will be able to issue, discharge, withdraw and catalogue books. They develop their customer service skills and learn how to work as part of an effective team.”

“This year experienced pupil librarians had the opportunity to update the library management system, which required absolute accuracy. All the skills involved in the role pupils can take forward and use in the workplace. I have written references for pupil librarians applying to college. When they are eighteen, it is a possibility that they could secure a part-time job in a library, whilst they study or if they wish, train to become a librarian.”

Interviews will take place over the next few months, with the new recruits starting their roles in the new year.

Mrs Dearden has also been busy organising a new display for the library, focussing on Autumn, and a batch of new books have been delivered, see the selection below. Each day pupils should bring a book in their bag to school. Period 5 begins with a quiet read for five minutes, every day. If pupils don’t have a book they are welcome to borrow one from the library at break or lunch.

Posted by Mrs L Brown

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