7 February 2020

Our school library celebrated the sixth annual Harry Potter Book Night, on Thursday 6th February 2020, with a special Harry Potter party.

Mrs Dearden, school Librarian, and our pupil librarians magically decorated the library with charms and spells from JK Rowling’s bestselling books. The windows were adorned with pages from The Daily Prophet, the wizarding newspaper featured in Harry Potter, letters addressed to characters from the book were strung around the library and special potion was the centrepiece to a wonderful Harry Potter book display.

At lunch, pupils had the opportunity to ‘Pin the Scar on Harry Potter’, solve Harry Potter quizzes for prizes and take part in a ‘Sorting Hat Ceremony’. Staff, as well as pupils, were eager to take part in the magical ceremony to determine which House they belonged. Miss Walsh, Head of Canterbury House, was placed into Gryffindor. Mr Baines, Acting Deputy Headteacher, was placed into Ravenclaw and Mrs Siddle, Acting Headteacher, was placed into Slytherin!

Many thanks to Mrs Dearden for organising the event. Pupils and staff had a lot of fun, the event attracted a lot of pupils to the library and it was a great way to promote reading in school.  

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