10 March 2020

Following on from the success of World Book Day, one of our hard working pupil librarians has moved onto her next challenge – organising the school book fair. Diya, in year 10, has been a pupil librarian for over three years. In that time she has achieved her Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, by completing training programmes written by the School Library Association.

“There is also a Platinum award, which is quite challenging as it covers work that the School Librarian might do, such as organising events in school,” explained Mrs Dearden, School Librarian. “Diya has been a pupil librarian since she was in year 7, so has lots of experience. She is quite determined to complete her Platinum award and so I asked her to get involved with organising World Book Day and our upcoming Book Fair. It will be quite an achievement if Diya completes the Platinum award. She will be the first pupil librarian to do so.”

“Working as a pupil librarian has given me a lot of confidence, especially in talking to members if staff,” said Diya. “I have also gained a lot of experience in working as a team, sometimes with people who I wouldn’t usually work with. It has been good taking on an important role in school and feeling independent.”

The role has enabled Diya to overcome challenges, “When I first started in year 7 I was learning about school life as well as trying to get my head around the computer system in the school library. I think the biggest challenge with the Platinum award so far has been improving my confidence so I can approach members of staff to discuss the things that need to be organised for the event so it can go ahead. I will need to plan the book fair and promote it correctly, otherwise nobody will attend.”

Diya would recommend pupils apply for pupil librarian posts when they become available, "It is really enjoyable being a pupil librarian. If you have just started at Archbishop Temple School, it can be daunting getting to know pupils in other years but working as a pupil librarian you have to work with pupils from across school. I'd even recommend it to people who have already started at Archbishop as you make good friends with people who you wouldn't normally work with." 

Posted by Mrs L Brown

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