25 February 2021

You've all heard of 'The Masked Singer', the surreal and surprising singing show that asks: "Who is behind the mask?"  Well now, just for the community of Archbishop Temple School, we have 'The Masked Reader'! 

In readiness for World Book Day on Thursday, some of our staff have donned a mask (or filter) whilst they read from a favourite book.  Our pupils' task?  Guess who is behind the mask!  Pupils will receive a Firefly task where they can enter their guesses (and discover who is behind the mask!).  Winners will all receive House Points and then will be entered into a draw for a Waterstones book voucher. 

To enter the quiz, pupils need to watch the videos below, look at the clues and submit their answers via Firefly at the following link


The deadline is Thursday 4th March 2021. The winners' names will feature in next week's Morning Report.  We have some clues to help with your guesses, have a look below the videos. 

Mrs J Baybutt

Lead Practitioner in Literacy and Vocabulary

Some clues to help you.


Clip 1 

Clues are in the video.


Clip 2 

I went Greek island hopping last year

Without a fresh trim, I have the curly locks of a Greek God.


Clip 3 

Clues are in the background of the video


Clip 4 

My name is something you wear

Not many at Archbishop Temple have actually seen me!


Clip 5 

I am not always here

You will not know me for reading


Clip 6    

I can do circus flips 

And not as scary in real life 


Clip 7 




Clip 8 




Clip 9 

I am new to the school.

I love books.


Clip 10 

You may be surprised I did not choose the Bible...

I highly recommend you read this book but I will not ‘force-it’ upon you!


Clip 11 

I have a husband at home (not at school)

The cat would hate my house


Clip 12 

I read at least 50 books a year but I also listen to audiobooks

This is one of my favourite books because it proves that Maths is everywhere, which, of course, it is!


Clip 13 

The monkey is called Archie and goes on ski trips.

Running is a clue in itself!!


Clip 14 

I'm Archbishop Temple's longest serving full time member of staff

I'm not from round these parts


Clip 15 

Cheese and Onion is my favourite Pi, although I do like a nice kebab...

Either on the water, or in the City I feel at home....


Clip 16 

I have a unique middle name 

This novel is one of my favourites; you might have noticed my pencil case back when we were in school!

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