Archbishop Temple Church of England High School is committed to providing all students in years 7-11 with a programme of activities.

The current careers programme is delivered through a combination of methods, including PHSE from years 7-11 and additionally through assemblies, employer visits, workshops and special days arranged for each year group throughout the year. All students are encouraged throughout their time at school to collect evidence for their CV. This evidence is then used to start writing their CV in Year 10 and finished in year 11 before they leave. This provides them with an employability record for the future.

Pupils’ will start to gather evidence for their CV from year 7 onwards. They will start to compile their own record of achievement and write their own CV in year 11. A record of pupil attainment at all career events will be stored on our Compass Plus careers platform. This information will be stored for 2 years after the pupil has left school.

Every pupil with SEN follows the same programme of careers as their peers, with support from the SEN team when needed. The school offers to work closely with the parents/guardians of all SEN pupil’s to ensure that their career aspirations are met.

Partnerships and links

The CEIAG programme is enhanced through links with several partners who help ensure that pupil experiences and information is up to date and relevant. We work with Career Connect. We liaise with enterprise co-ordinators from ‘Inspira’, who provide the school with experiences or workshops from people from different industries.

Head of CEIAG; Mr Ali Gray

We have a stable careers programme in place. Mr Gray has overall responsibility for maintaining this programme and ensuring that all students from Year 7 to Year 11 are provided with independent careers advice. This advice will be impartial and provide information which promotes the best interests of all students. The information provided will offer a range of educational training options, including apprenticeships and other vocational options. This will be in addition to the more traditional Post 16 route, of going to a sixth form college and then onto university.

Every student at Archbishop Temple Church of England High School has access to career and labour market information in the school library and has access to a careers appointment by arrangement.

Work, Employment and Skills

All students do have the opportunity to learn from employers about work, employment and the skills that are valued in the workplace. This is done through a range of enrichment activities in school.

Year 7 Business and Enterprise Day (March)

In year 7, students have the opportunity to attend the Business and Enterprise Day in March. During this day they will meet workers from industry and attend workshops delivered with a real life, work based task. They will attend an enterprise session and be set an entrepreneurial task by a business owner. This will be judged in a competition format.

Careers Evening (February)

All pupils are invited to attend the school careers fair with their parents and carers. This takes place in February every year. The students will get the opportunity to meet over 25 different employers with information about different career pathways.

Employability workshop delivered by Young Enterprise (February)

In year 10, students are allowed to attend workshops delivered by workers from various professions and meet current apprentices. These sessions look at work related skills delivered by people from industry. These will include managing finances, interview technique, presentation skills, and enterprise.

Year 11 Thinking Ahead Day (January)

In year 11, students are allowed to attend apprenticeship workshops delivered by several different providers. They get to meet workers and apprentices from these areas. In addition to this they are shown how to put together their own curriculum vitae and covering letter by somebody from industry.

If you require any further information regarding the school's careers programme, please contact Mr Ali Gray, Head of CEIAG, at

Our school Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Policy can be viewed here.