Subject:      Travel and Tourism

BTEC Level1/ Level 2



The learning provides a foundation to further study, and therefore provides skills and knowledge that underpins processes and attitudes in the T&T sector. The topics are taught using a theoretical approach as well as a project based approach to encourage impendence and creativity when tackling issues.



Travel and Tourism is taught using a variety of approaches so that pupils develop a wide skill set over the two years. Lessons are stimulating and engaging with many opportunities for paired, group and independent learning.

Programmes of Study

Year 10

- Component 1 and 50% of Component 3

Year 11

- Component 2 and 50% of component 3



Marking and Assessment

Exercise books are for pupils to take down class notes and express their learning and develop thoughts. Therefore, the marking of class work is not required so is not routine practice, but AFL is present in the form of quizzes.

Home learning tasks are set weekly which are teacher marked. Shorter tasks will be peer/ self-assessed. General and specific comments are given for pupils to then self/ peer correct which is done using the camera in class. The tasks are varied and feedback will take the most appropriate form.

Modelling of marking and feedback on home learning is done in detail to the whole class using the camera. Key ideas/ theories and misconceptions are visible using the camera and are then highlighted and corrected in this way onto pupil work. Feedback is verbal and this is to the whole class, but individuals may be highlighted too. 

Extended writing home learning tasks are marked and recorded by the teacher, which are normally every 6 lessons. Formative assessments are marked immediately by the teacher and marks recorded each term.


Assessments are modular and completed at the end of each term.

Revision Guides / Resources

Pearson T&T Textbook.

Careers and Progression

Perfect entry level for anyone wishing to continue to L3, and excellent foundations for anyone considering the hospitality industry.