Hi Durham Diamonds!

I am really proud to be Head of Durham House for a number of reasons.

Firstly, we have a fantastic team of tutors who support, educate and nurture our students to be the best citizens they can be not just in our school community but ready for the wider world also.

Secondly, there isn't a single Durham House student I know who doesn't make me smile! Out of nearly 200 students we have some amazing young people;  some brainboxes; some comedians; some real characters; some kind and caring people; some role-models... we have it all!

Thirdly, our past record of being the top fund-raisers at Archbishop Temple Church of England High School clearly demonstrates what hard-working, generous and caring young people we have in Durham and it is my privilege to represent them.

Last year our House Charity was Lancashire Mind and we thought up lots of fun and different ways of raising money to support them and raise awareness about the important work they do. Teenage mental health issues have been long overlooked and this worthwhile charity is working hard to address these issues to make a positive change and we in Durham House, along with our sister House York, supported this work. This year we are raising funds for our sponsor child, Elvis, an eleven year old boy from rural Mexico. We will be raising funds to support him through his education. 


Miss N. Dean

Head of Durham House