Winchester house epitomises the Christian ethos which is present in our school. There is a real sense of family and community within our form groups. The older pupils help nurture the younger ones and bring them on while the experienced tutor team guides the seniors to happiness and success.

Winchester is renowned for sport. The "sporty house" is a term which is often used. This stems from the fact that I am a PE teacher and always enjoy the healthy competitive aspect of inter-house sports and activities. Each year we perform outstandingly well in Sports Day and have a tradition of success in inter-house sports. We are the quietly confident house. We were the house champions in the 2017-2018. We channel our energies in the appropriate way showing good sportsmanship and appropriate conduct to our competitor houses.

Winchester is not just about sporting success. We have a plethora of other talents and successes within our ranks. Outstanding musicians, budding artists, confident public speakers, dynamic thinkers, brilliant mathematicians and creative writers. I genuinely believe that pupils in Winchester are encouraged to enhance their talents and given a platform to grow in self-confidence. We celebrate achievement with our Winchester "Winner" of the week.

Mr Gray
Head of Winchester House