York House has a very clear and simple aim – to care for and support our pupils. We have a talented and determined group of pupils and staff who are committed to delivering this aim. The quality of the relationships between staff and pupils is so vital to creating an environment where pupils feel able to develop whilst knowing they are supported.

The House has a diversity to it which encapsulates what a faith school is about. Pupils from all backgrounds and faiths regularly demonstrate talent and ability in numerous aspects of life both within and outside the school. We are home to national level sports people, outstanding artists, highly qualified musicians and excellent academics.

York has always been known as the “House of Love” due to its caring and supportive nature. This is an association that we are proud of and one which will continue to be synonymous with the House. Moving forwards, we are also keen to promote York as being the “House of Health”. Awareness of physical and mental health issues is something that needs constant focus in order to support all members of our school.

There is a real sense of “belonging” in York. It’s not just a yellow t-shirt on Sports Day. It matters.

Mrs K Mooney

Head of York House