Just before Christmas Ms Bell, our school librarian, launched a Christmas Short Story Competition. Maddie Collinson in Year 7 penned 'Believe', a magical adventure story set on Christmas Eve which caught the judges' eye and won first prize. They felt that Maddie had combined some interesting characters and an engaging plot which were brought to life with her excellent writing style. 

Well done Maddie!

You can read an excerpt below;

As I walked through the streets I could hear lots of whispers coming from the little houses either side of me. Then I noticed a house with a window open and on the window ledge I could see a shiny penny. Was this one of the magical pennies the doll had told me about? I went to grab the penny when all of a sudden an elf slapped my hand with a wooden spoon.

"Oww!" I screamed.

"If you want the magical pennies then you must sing a song for the whole village," said the elf, "Climb through the windows everybody is waiting."

I climbed through the window and pusged the curtains aside and as I did I saw a microphone on stage with hundreds of elves all sat in seats waiting for me to sing.