6 September 2017

Image of Sports Presentation Evening

During the final week of the summer term the PE Department held a Sports Presentation Evening to celebrate the outstanding sporting success of our dedicated students. This prestigious event was held at Barton Grange Hotel. 

Before presenting the awards Mrs K Jones, Head of PE, spoke about her own passion for sport. She asked the audience a question that she, herself, was posed in high school, “Would you rather win a bad game or lose a good game?”

Before answering she went onto talk further about the benefits of sport. She enthused about the feeling of elation when winning a match or competition, the joy of celebrating with team-mates and the friendship and camaraderie that being engaged in sport can bring. She said, “In years to come you may not remember who scored that winning goal, who got that deciding point, but you’ll remember the person who picked you up when you felt like you wanted to quit, when you felt like you should have been left on the bench, or worse, when you felt like you should’ve stayed in bed.”

Asking again, “Would you rather win a bad game or lose a good game?” Mrs Jones answered that although, like many other competitive sports people, she loves to win she thinks that what really matters are the lasting friendships you have gained from playing team sports. Thinking about her own memories and experiences from playing sport she said she would have rather lost than to never have played and formed those relationships.

Mrs Jones then went on to talk about resilience, bouncing back from a defeat and striving to achieve a better result. She said, “Resilience is one of the most important characteristics a person can possess. The ability to bounce back from disappointment, accepting your mistakes and changing your behaviour in response to those mistakes, recovering from those tough times and those difficult situations, who wouldn’t want to play sport –it can only make you a better person!”

Finishing off Mrs Jones talked about the phenomenal achievements that many of our young sports participants have gained over the past year. From the successes at the Preston Indoor Athletics Championships, Town Sports, the Year 7 Boys Basketball Team reaching the National Finals to the Year 7 Boys Football Team reaching the top four in the country, to the success of the Archbishop Temple School’s climbing teams and the girls’ football teams.

“None of this would have been possible without the support of your families and your teachers and, your own incredible hard work, resilience and determination. We are extremely proud of you,” said Mrs Jones. “I know, that to achieve the results you did, not only did you strive for excellence, you never gave up when faced with challenges.”

Well done to the following pupils;

Bryce and Anet were awarded the Eileen Smith Award for contribution to school sport and a great attitude.

Elizabeth was awarded the Outside Achievement Award.

Ciaran was awarded the Sports Leader of the Year Award.

Lauran was awarded Sports Participant of the Year Award.

The Year 8 Girls Indoor Athletics Team were awarded the Girls Team of the Year Award.

The Year 7 Boys Football Team were awarded the Boys Team of the Year Award.

Luke and Amy were both awarded the Sports Personality of the Year Award.

Sports Presentation Evening 2017


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