27 September 2017

Some of our new starters at Archbishop Temple School are celebrating this month after achieving fantastic results at the Preston District Cross Country Championships.

Both the Year 7 boys and Year 7 girls bagged first place at the championships. There were also some great results in the other year groups, with boys from Years 10 and 11 coming second in their year group. 

"It was a super effort from all involved," said Mrs Jones, Head of PE. "Particularly as the conditions were very wet and very muddy!"

Overall results

Year 7 Boys - 1st place

Year 7 Girls - 1st place

Year 8/9 Boys - 3rd place

Year 8/9 Girls - 3rd place

Year 10/11 Boys - 2nd place

Year 10/11 Girls - 6th place


Tags: Sport