31 January 2018

On Tuesday 30th January 2018, we were very pleased to welcome the Leyland Truck Trail STEM Challenge to school.

Hosted by Rachel Brickell, Educational Skills Consultant, the event gave some of our year 7 pupils the opportunity to engage in a series of exciting STEM challenges and put a variety of skills to test. The event began with an introduction to the STEM ambassadors who were overseeing the challenges; Ruksana Isasi explained to pupils the subjects she studied to become a Healthcare Scientist working for Public Health England in Manchester and Fiona Jackson talked to pupils about how she became a Senior Structural Health Monitoring Engineer working for BAE Systems. Pupils were invited to think about why science was important, what life might be like in 2050 and what sorts of technologies will be available in the future.

Divided into small teams our pupils had to devise a name and logo for their new truck company and then had to complete a series of challenges to earn skills tokens. Each challenge consisted of questions and activities. Rachel invited pupils to work as a team, to think strategically and draw on a variety skills; teamwork, planning, numeracy, problem solving, creative thinking, resilience, time keeping, communication, STEM knowledge and attention to detail. Teams completed the challenges within an allotted time. Teams were awarded skills tokens for not only winning but also good teamwork, planning, organisation and so on; tokens could also be taken away if for example the team did not work well together!

The afternoon was engaging, fun and really put the pupils’ skills to the test. Well done to ‘Trucks R Us’ who won the Leyland Truck Trail STEM Challenge.

Many thanks to Miss Catterall, Head of Computing and Creative iMedia, for organising the event.