1 February 2018

On Tuesday 6th February 2018 Safer Internet Day will be celebrated globally. Archbishop Temple School will be joining over 1000 organisations across the UK to inspire our pupils to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively. 

On the day our pupils will take part in online safety cross-curricular lessons throughout the day, as well as tutor led form time where Safer Internet Day resources will be used and discussions promoted to encourage digital resilience. The topics covered will be managing time online, posting positively, avoiding conflict online, digital myths and digital truths, sharing respect online and considering positive and negative experiences online and how to respond to them. Each pupil will also be invited to write a pledge to do something positive online. 

Miss Catterall, Head of ICT and Computing and our school's Online Safety Co-ordinator, will be leading the house assemblies all week, focussing on online safety. 

Please encourage your children to talk about their experiences online and have regular discussions at home about these topics. As a school we recognise that the appropriate use of new technologies, both in the classroom and at home, provides our pupils with richer learning experiences. However, whilst we recognise the advantages of new technologies, as a school we are also acutely aware of its possible dangers. The Online Safety section of the school website is regularly updated with advice for parents, useful websites and checklists. 

Miss Catterall and Mr Cairns, Assistant Headteacher, led a Parents Forum Meeting last week, looking at online safety and social media. Please see the slides from the presentation below. 

PTA Parents' Forum Online Safety Social Media 25th January 2018