22 March 2018

On Wednesday 21st March 2018 our year 7 pupils took part in an Enterprise and Business Day. Throughout the day they got to grips with banking and budgeting basics, tax facts, customer service roles and responsibilities, enterprise and entrepreneurship. 

Jon Bates from the HMRC talked to pupils about different types of tax, why the government collects taxes and what the money is spent on. Pupils had the opportunity to take part in group exercises, including one where they had to consider where the money collected in taxes would be spent if they were in government.

Iain Pierpoint and Karrin Burrows, bank managers from the TSB bank, invited pupils to think about banking and different types of accounts. Children also learned about loans, credit cards and budgeting sensibly.

Tracey Robinson, Mark Johnson and Nikki Bowden, from insurance company the Independent Group Ltd, came in to talk to pupils about their work, the importance of good customer service and different roles within the management team. Each pupil chose a different role and then looked at how they would deal with different scenarios that the company deal with on a day-to-day basis. 

Mica Aspinall from Explore Learning took a lively 'Dragon's Den' style session. In teams pupils were given a product to market and 'sell' in front of their class. They thought about the product information, features, benefits and target markets. 

Finally Ms K. Ryder, Head of Business Studies here at Archbishop Temple, took a session on enterprise, looking at budgeting, income and expenditure and debt. The engaging sessions got pupils to think and talk about how they would spend their money and the difference between 'needs' and 'wants'. 

"We had a fun filled day with providers from the TSB bank, the HMRC, Explore Learning and the Independent Group Ltd taking a variety of informative and engaging sessions," said Mr Baybutt, Assistant Headteacher. "The day provided year 7 pupils with the opportunity to learn about the world of work and gain knowledge and understanding about banking services, tax facts, running a business and insurance."

"It was educational and fun," said pupil Ashwyn. "Although going into business is harder than you think!"

"I think that it has made going into business sound more appealing," said Will, a year 7 pupil. "I am really looking forward to taking part in the 'Dragon's Den' workshop."

"I feel it is important for the future," added pupil Adam, "We have learned a lot. It has been fun. It is going to be really hard in the future if you don't know about finances."