12 July 2018

On Tuesday 10th July 2018, pupils in year 8 spent a valuable day learning about how to help others and get involved in their local community. A variety of people working and helping in the area came into school to talk to pupils about the work that they do to help others.

The day began with an assembly led by our school chaplain, Joe Houghton. He outlined how ‘looking after number one’ all the time can hold us back and spoke about how instead of valuing ourselves above others, we should value others above ourselves. Linking in with the school motto, ‘Faith, Nurture and Service’, he spoke about how true greatness comes from serving others. This set the tone for the day, which focussed on the great work many of our visitors do in the community.

In their houses pupils rotated around the sessions. David Forrest from Chorley First Aid showed pupils what to do if they find someone unconscious. Pupils learned how to put someone in the recovery position and how to administer chest compressions. Every pupil had a go at administering chest compressions on a manikin and learned when and why they would carry this out.

Bill Dawson came in to talk about the valuable work he does with the Street Pastors. He spoke about the places he attends, the different scenarios he has come across and the items he carries when carrying out the work. It can be anything from giving a warm drink, hat or gloves to someone who is sleeping outside during the cold winter months, signposting people to agencies to helping someone get home who is stranded in the city centre. The Street Pastors collected the Queens Award for service.

Police Community Support Officers, Debs Jones and Maureen Lakeland, talked about their involvement in the local community and about the work they do to prevent and tackle criminal behaviour and the consequences. They talked about the variety of issues they deal with and talked about different ways they have handled and supported people. It was interesting to learn about restorative justice and the ways the PCSOs engage with and support the local community. Pupils also found out about how they can get involved with the police cadets.

Pupils also had a session learning about democracy. Peter Welsh, Head of the Electoral Services and Clare Standing, Senior Electoral Services Officer, talked to pupils about elections and the importance of casting a vote at the polling station. Councillors Peter Moss, Neil Cartwright, Sue Whittam and Pauline Brown spoke about why they became councillors, their motivations and the range of issues they get involved in; from homelessness, to drug issues, mental health to traffic issues and so on. They spoke about the difference they can make in people’s lives and improving the local community. Pupils also learned about the history of the British women’s suffrage movement, local suffragette Edith Rigby and they had the opportunity to talk about the difference they would like to see in their area.

Finally, pupils engaged in a lively drama session creating their own modern day takes on the ‘Parable of the Unforgiving Servant’, Matthew 18:21 – 35. Each house presented a drama performance in the afternoon.

Overall, it was an inspiring day learning about how people in different vocations engage and help people in their local communities. Pupils learned valuable lessons about how to put someone else’s welfare first, how they can ‘get involved’ with their local community, now and in the future, and their own responsibilities as caring citizens.