17 July 2018

On Friday 13th July 2018, 30 pupils and 12 members of staff at Archbishop Temple School received essential lifesaving training delivered by children’s charity Hand on Heart. The training followed the donation of a defibrillator by Hand on Heart and funded by Total UK Ltd.

Mrs Jackson, Headteacher at Archbishop Temple School said, “We’re delighted to be able to have this piece of equipment that is potentially lifesaving. The generosity of Total UK Ltd is much appreciated, and we have enjoyed working with Hand on Heart, not only to provide the right equipment, but also to train a large number of our staff and pupils in what to do if the need arises. I’m very proud of how many members of the Archbishop Temple School community are prepared to commit themselves to learning how to use a defibrillator, and equip themselves to provide essential first aid, if the need ever arises.”

Hand on Heart are a children’s charity whose vision is to ensure that all educational establishments and community facilities for children’s activities have defibrillators in place, people are confident to manage a health emergency and that deaths from sudden cardiac arrest are prevented.

Hand on Heart’s Fundraising Coordinator Lesley Appleton said, “We know that many schools want to have a defibrillator as part of the school first aid kit, but sadly don’t have the funds to achieve this. Hand on Heart are extremely grateful to Total UK Ltd for fully funding this lifesaving piece of equipment to Archbishop Temple School.

Statistics show us that 12 young people will lose their lives each week due to sudden cardiac arrest, having the support of Total UK Ltd has helped Hand on Heart to achieve their charity aims, especially in schools we all consider safe for our children.”

Total UK Ltd donated the defibrillator on behalf of a parent. A representative from Total UK Ltd said, “We are trying to engage with local communities as much as we can and we would like to share our best practises. Health & Safety is our number one priority and we do believe that good reflexes should be taught to the youngest. We are proud to donate this defibrillator to Archbishop Temple School.”

For more information, please visit: https://www.handonheart.org

Hand on Heart charity. Tel: 0845 071 0822