6 Nov 2018

In 2018 Archbishop Temple School moved from teaching the BTEC Business Studies Curriculum and into the GCSE Curriculum; it’s very exciting and the pupils learn about all aspects of how to run a business, business law and finances. However, the first half term of work looks at how to set up a business and what that entails. I believe that pupils ‘learn by doing’: that providing a context and bringing the curriculum to life will ultimately make the course relevant to the pupils and realistic. They can see how everything they learn about can be turned into success!

On Tuesday 6th November, Charlotte Millis (CM Home Fragrance) and twin sisters from Finch Bakery came in to speak with our Year 10 pupils about how they’ve managed to become successful businesses in a very short space of time. They were honest, realistic and very inspiring. Charlotte even brought some products for the pupils to look at!

The presentations covered:

  • Planning;
  • Aims and objectives;
  • Ownership;
  • Growth;
  • Finances;
  • Positives and negatives;
  • Set up.


Ultimately, the aim of the presentation was to demonstrate to our pupils that there isn’t only ‘one right way’ to set up a business and difference is sometimes the key to success. Hopefully, in a few years time some of our current pupils will be back to demonstrate their successful businesses.

Ms K Ryder

Head of Business Studies