10 May 2019

Pupils and staff were delighted to witness the arrival of Archie Temple into the world yesterday. Archie is one of the chicks that hatched in an incubator set up in Mrs Storey’s science lab. Mrs Jackson, Headteacher, who keeps hens at home, had brought the fertilised eggs and incubator into school to enable pupils to witness the hatching of the chicks. Pupils in Mrs Storey’s year 7 Biology class also had the opportunity to learn about hen reproduction and the gestation of an egg. They were fascinated by a talk given by Mrs Jackson, followed by watching Archie peck his way out of the egg. Archie has now settled back into Mrs Jackson’s chicken coop, with a broody hen and his siblings. Archie's adoptive mum is doing an excellent job and is being very defensive. She looks cute in the pictures, but she can peck for England!