15 May 2019

To mark the beginning of the GCSE exams, two special visitors were welcomed into the school chapel on Monday 13th May to comfort those suffering from a few pre-exam nerves ahead of the first whole cohort exam.

Pablo, a registered ‘Pets as Therapy’ Rottweiler and Mist a 9 month old Border Collie puppy were the perfect ambassadors to support the recent research into the benefits of dogs in schools. Many schools, especially primaries have dogs that sit with the children whilst the children read or talk to the dogs about how they feel. Having a non-judging friend is a great confidence boost for those who are shy or struggle to read aloud to an audience. Many schools are now looking to welcome more dogs into schools to support with mental health and how children should approach and respect animals.  

Pablo and Mist were a hit as up to 50 pupils came to stroke the doggies during their break-time. Alfie, a year 10 pupil, fell in love with little Mist in seconds and concluded this had been a wonderful break!

During period 3, some year 11 pupils came to see the dogs before their exam to help with their nerves. Chloe, in year 11, said, “On the day that the dogs were brought to the school I had an RE exam, I had been worried about my exams and was very stressed on the day. Seeing the dogs helped me to calm down and gain a stable mind set for my upcoming exam.”

This hour session was a great benefit to the pupils and to the dogs, who very much enjoy cuddles! 

Mrs L. Gilmour

Head of Humanities