23 May 2019

A police officer from Lancashire Police’s Armed Response Department came into school yesterday to deliver a special presentation to pupils in years 9 and 10 on gangs and knife crime. 'Choose Life, Not the Knife' was devised to allay any fears pupils had regarding knife crime, to talk about the legalities regarding carrying and buying knives, the immediate and future consequences of carrying a knife and the devastation caused by knife crime. 

Pupils listened intently as the officer outlined that ‘Lancashire is a safe place to live’ and described the different ways we can keep it that way. He spoke about the circumstances leading up to knife crimes and how pupils, if they are worried about a situation escalating, can act and reduce risks. He talked about gangs and criminal grooming, outlining ways in which pupils can make positive choices in their lives when faced with negative influences. Pupils listened as he talked about the police’s response to knife and gang crime and the steps pupils can take if they are concerned, about themselves, friends or family members.

We would like to thank the Lancashire Police Officer for coming into school and highlighting the issues around knife and gang crime. He delivered a fascinating talk that challenged some of the myths we hear about knife and gang crime and encouraged pupils to make the right choices in their lives.