9 July 2019

Many thanks to all the parents/carers who have signed up to the school app from Parentapps. For those of you who haven’t already signed up you will receive another invitation on Tuesday 9th July 2019. The app improves the way we communicate with you and replaces ParentMail.


We will be using the app to send out direct and group messages to you as necessary. The messages are sent out via push notifications and will be sent directly to your smart device for you to read at any time. The system also has the ability of sending direct SMS and email.


The app is fully secure and GDPR compliant and in order to access it you will need to be invited via email.


When you receive the invitation from Parentapps it will include further instructions on downloading and accessing the app, it includes the privacy notice which provides information on how you can control your personal data.


If you have any issues downloading or activating the app please contact support@parentapps.co.uk


For more information on how to download the app, please see the guide below.


Parentapps Parent Information