9 Sep 2019

Staff and pupils at Archbishop Temple School celebrated the opening of two newly refurbished science laboratories last week.

“We are absolutely delighted that the two science laboratories underwent a major refurbishment during the summer term,” said Mr Richard McGee, Head of Science. “Biology, Chemistry and Physics are popular subjects at Archbishop Temple School, with many pupils opting to take triple award science at GCSE level.”

“This summer we achieved outstanding exam results within the department, with a high percentage of pupils being awarded some of the highest grades possible in science subjects. Our results continue to show how much the pupils enjoy the three science disciplines at GCSE and we hope the new rooms continue to support pupils.”

The rooms have been completely redesigned and utilise the latest audio and visual technology to support the pupils in their science lessons. Each room features new tables, cupboards, chairs and lighting. The ergonomics have been changed to enhance the learning in the rooms. They also utilise a new demo area and a portable fume cupboard.