7 Oct 2019

On Friday 27th September 2019, Archbishop Temple School's Mathematics Department held their annual 'Primary Team Mathematics Challenge'. Teams of four pupils from years 5 and 6 battled it out all day in the main hall to be the second primary school to feature on the winners' shield. 

Teams from Broughton CofE Primary School, Queens Drive Primary School, Longsands Primary School and St Andrews CofE Primary School took part in six rounds – speed, cross number, group, shuttle, logic and the relay. Each round demanded different skills such as mathematical dexterity, teamwork, communication and tactics, so that maximum points could be scored within the time limit.

Throughout the morning, the scores were very close between first and second, with each team swapping positions on the leader board. After the lunch break, with 2 rounds to go, Queens Drive team produced a perfect logic round scoring 50 out of 50 leaving just the relay to go. The Queens Drive team then produced another top performance along with quick running to take the prize with a magnificent total of 278 points (beating last years top score of 216).

Mr Baybutt, Deputy Headteacher, presented the trophies to the winning team and spoke about the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and how team work will be vital in all aspects of life. I would like to thank Mr Baybutt for taking the time to present the awards. The event would not have been possible to without the support of the primary staff and most importantly the four pupils from years 9 and 10; Alisha, Catriona, Roshan and James, who supported the maths department throughout the event.

Archbishop Temple Mathematics Department look forward to running the third team challenge in June 2020.

Mr D. Hewitt

Second in Maths