28 Nov 2019

On Tuesday 26th November 2019, pupils in year 7 enjoyed their first Archbishop Temple Spirituality Day. The day offered pupils the chance, towards the end of their first term at the school, to spend some time with their Head of House and fellow House pupils.

During the day, dressed in their house T-shirts, pupils really began to celebrate their house and its background. Pupils played team-building games and learned more about each other. Each house designed a banner that they felt represented the strengths and qualities of their own house as well as writing prayers of faith, hope and action for their time at Archbishop Temple School.

Year 7 Spirituality Day is also the official launch of the Archbishop of York Youth Trust Young Leaders Award with year 7. This is a very prestigious award initiated by The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu. Archbishop Temple is one of the first schools in the country where all pupils either have received the award or are working towards it. We were delighted that Clair Kitching, the Youth Trust's lead advisor for the Key Stage 3 award, was able to travel to join us. Clair explained to us all, how to be successful in achieving the award and what is expected of each of us. 

Clair wasn't the only guest speaker to join us. Charlotte Ellwood, and her new colleague Kevin, from North West Cancer Research, came into talk to pupils in Winchester and York House about the valuable work they do and healthy living. North West Cancer Research is the largest cancer charity in the region and they fund scientist research projects that take place in Lancaster, Bangor and Liverpool. Pupils then got involved with a fun activity creating an edible model of a cell. Emma Dickinson, from the British Heart Foundation, came in to talk to pupils in Durham House about how they can help when someone is experiencing chest pains or a heart attack. Pupils learned how to perform lifesaving CPR on a manikin. Lisa Bell, a trainee RE teacher with Preston Teaching School Alliance, very kindly shared information ​and her experience of working with the organisation Christians Against Poverty with pupils in Canterbury House. The organisation works hard to help families and single people in debt. 

All houses gathered together before lunch to join in with an uplifting singing session, led by Miss Sherwood, Head of Performing Arts. 

Our afternoon worship gave each House an opportunity to share with the year group something of the 'special' time that they had shared together and pupils from York House re-enacted the parable of the Good Samaritan in an enjoyable drama performance.