12 Feb 2020

Top achieving pupils are recognised in school through the star system. House points are awarded for achievement; volunteering and representing the school, when pupils reach 150 house points, they are awarded a bronze star. When they achieve 200 house points, they are awarded with a silver star and when they achieve 250 house points, they are awarded a gold star. The stars are very rare and only a few are in existence. As well as being awarded with a star, the pupils' achievement is recognised with a certificate, which appears on the Morning Report, and a cake!

This month five pupils were awarded stars by Mrs Siddle, Acting Headteacher. Millie in year 10, Will in year 9, Taylor in year 8 and Sophia in year 7 have all been awarded bronze stars and Callum in year 8 has been awarded a silver star. Well done to all of you!