17 July 2020

This week Miss Walsh, Teacher of Science and Head of Canterbury House, set her Biology classes a little experiment to test which face covering is most effective in preventing the spread of Covid 19. She thought it would be good to test a range of face coverings before we all have to start wearing them in the shops. Before the pupils conducted the experiment, Miss Walsh sent pupils a photo of some suggested equipment; a buff, homemade mask, dust mask and lit candle, then left them to it.

"I’ve loved seeing the pupils imagination as they have sent in their results," said Miss Walsh. "My thought was to see if you could blow out the candle, the pupils had other ideas. Some have used a scented candle or sprayed perfume to see if they could smell it through the mask. One covered the end of the hoover with the mask then measured how much flour was sucked up at a set distance! One person measured how far from the candle you could be to successfully blow it out, this ranged from 40cm with no mask to 2cm in a surgical mask. Someone else used a bike pump to control the airflow and keep it constant. Great imagination!"

"Although this was just 'Kitchen Science', it was clear that a surgical mask is best and a homemade mask with tissue filter is better than a buff or scarf and anything is better than nothing at all."

Stay safe everyone.