16 October 2020

Dear Parent/Carer
Archbishop Temple School is a high performing school and the teachers work hard to make sure our children get the best education possible. Unfortunately, the school budget cannot stretch to provide the additional facilities and equipment that we would all like to see in place. The PTA helps out by providing funding for these important ‘extras’. 
As with everything, things are different for the PTA this year due to Coronavirus, but one easy (and socially distant) way you can support us is by joining our ‘500 Club’.
•    The 500 Club is an easy way to help the raise funds for the school as well as giving you the chance of winning a cash prize. 
•    We hold 3 prize draws during the school year (one each term). Draws take place during PTA meetings. 
•    33% of the money raised is used for prize money and the remainder provides funds for the school. 

The 500 Club application form, featured on the PTA page detailed below, contains further information. 


We accept entries at any time of the year but to make sure that you are included in all three draws for the year, please make your payment by 31st October 2020.


On behalf of ATS PTA, thank you for being a being a member of the 500 Club last year and congratulations to all our prize winners. If you renew your membership by annual standing order or you have already renewed for this year, many thanks for doing so.
If you have any queries about the 500 Club, please contact us at pta@archbishoptemple.com
Thank you for your support.

Archbishop Temple School PTA