25 March 2021

This year's British Science Week competition was to decide what has been the 'Most influential invention EVER'. We had some fantastic entries from our talented students! The winners each receive an Easter egg and a certificate from the Science department. All entries receive a house point, small prize and entry certificate. We thought that we would share the first, second and third place prize winning entries with you. 

The winner was Oscar D, in year 7, with this amazing poem about electricity, which you can read below. 

Most influential invention by Oscar (Year 7)

Don’t you think it’s clear that electricity is the most influential invention

Without it you wouldn’t be reading this poem

Imagine not being able to even watch tv

No matter even trying to make a cup of tea

Everyday we use electricity and we don’t even take it in

There would be no phones, no laptops 

Just wooden toys and tops that spin

Benjamin Franklin was so clever look at what he did

Before he knew sparks were flying around the national grid

Taking power from house to house to help us in our day

To heat our homes to entertain us and to light our way

Putting conductive elements together

Making a current that we can use wherever

Creating a stealing-electron-pattern

Lighting up cities like New York and Manhattan   

We flick a switch for instant light

Anytime of day or night

Charging our phones, toasting our bread

Lighting alarm clocks next to the bed


Drying our clothes, hoovering the floor

The list goes on for evermore

You can even use it to power your car

But it might not take you very far

It’s hard to explain the nuts and bolts

But it’s all to do with resistance, currents and volts

Without electricity life would be tragic

It really is a feat of magic


In second place was Amelia W, in year 7, with her video on dressing gowns, which you can watch below. 

In third place was Maryam, in year 10, with her powerpoint presentation on vaccines, which you can view below. 

Well done and thank you to everyone who entered. 

Miss E. Keel

Teacher of Science