28 April 2021

To highlight Earth Day the Geography Department together with the school library ran a Year 8 poetry competition. Earth Day is an annual event, which takes place on Thursday 22nd April, in support of environmental protection. The event was first held on 22nd April 1970 and is now celebrated globally with over one billion people in over 193 countries taking part.

“The Geography Department felt that Earth Day should be highlighted in school and that pupils should be made more aware about environmental issues,” said Miss Mansfield, Trainee Teacher of Geography. “As the Year 8 pupils are currently learning about resources, it was felt that they would benefit from a cross-curricula activity to develop literacy skills and environmental awareness. Pupils were asked to write a poem in a style of their choice about environmental issues.”

“We received lots of entries for the competition and the standard of the entries was high. The winners were chosen by myself and Mrs Rigg, school Librarian, to ensure the winners had good technique and subject knowledge. Congratulations to Hollie-May, Anna, and Jessica our three winners!”

We hope you enjoy reading the winning entries below.

By Hollie-May S.


By Anna B.


Earth is where we thrive,

it’s what keeps us alive,

so why are we releasing dangerous gases,

we need to stop this before earth turns to ashes.


Global warming is another factor of why we need to stop destroying earth before it gets out of hand,

this is what everyone needs to understand,

we need to protect our earth before it is gone,

for instance stop creating a nuclear bomb.


Our animals are dying and habitats are being torn apart,

let’s restart,

fix up our earth,

give it a rebirth.


Fix it up and clean our air,

that would be fair,

because earth gives us everything,

so let’s clean it up and sing.


Let’s celebrate our world and everything it owns,

let’s get off our phones

and, Save our earth before it’s too late,

that would be great.

By Jessica A.