3 Oct 2017

The Technology Department would like to thank all the parents and carers who collected Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers earlier this year. The school received over seven thousand vouchers, swapping them for catering equipment for the newly refurbished Food Technology room.

“We were able to buy lots of new equipment,” said Mrs H. Gornall, Food Technology Teacher. “Last week a group were able to blind bake their pastry, leave them to cool and then work on their roasted Mediterranean vegetable flan fillings the following day. This was only possible because we now have enough baking tins for all the pupils to use.”

"We now have measuring spoons which can be used by the Year 7 pupils, so they know the size and weight of ingredients before they add them to their dishes."

The order also included frying pans, graters, sieves, garlic presses, serving platters, spatulas and oven trays to be used in the Food Technology rooms’ new ovens. Fridge thermometers were included in the order so pupils can learn about Health and Safety in the kitchen and a Sainsbury’s voucher was sent enabling the staff to buy herbs and spices to be used in the pupils’ dishes.

As well as new catering equipment, pupils are also benefitting from a complete makeover of the Food Technology room. The refurbishment took place over the summer holiday.

“We now have an extraction system, new ovens, hobs that work on gas and electricity, new fridges, a large demonstration space, preparation areas that are easy to clean and maintain, more storage and hot and cold running water,” said Mrs Gornall. “The children love the new facilities. Pupils are keen to stay behind after school for the KS3 Cooking Club and older pupils are eager to get started on their GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition projects; it’s a great environment for them to complete their ‘Masterchef’ style GCSE exam.”