At Archbishop Temple Church of England High School, we endeavour to recognise, develop and maximise the intellectual, moral, social, physical, aesthetic and spiritual potential of all involved with the school. We educate all pupils in accordance with the requirements of the National Curriculum in England: framework for key stages 3 and 4, whilst preparing pupils for the world of work, and for life in the community beyond school. Hence, our school offers a full range of National Curriculum subjects, ensuring that each and every child follows a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. We have high expectations of all our pupils and place learning at the very centre of school life.

We offer high quality teaching and support, delivered using the latest technology. Our vision is that we ‘consistently teach higher-level ideas and knowledge and make this accessible to all students in all our classes’.* Our aim is that pupils begin to take responsibility for their own learning by identifying their own strengths and weaknesses and with teacher-help, aspire to achieve their best.

Archbishop Temple Church of England High School fully recognises its responsibility to meet the needs of each pupil and, therefore, aims to ensure that the banding and grouping of every individual is undertaken efficiently and in the best interests of the pupils using quantitative and qualitative data alongside the professional judgement of teachers and teaching assistants. On-going monitoring of pupil performance using robust tracking systems underpins the accuracy of banding and grouping procedures. Regular reviews of pupil placement are essential to recognising the changing rate at which individuals progress through the curriculum and ensuring that students are placed in teaching groups that are optimal for their needs.


*Taken from Teach to the Top – Aiming High for Every Learner by Megan Mansworth. Publisher John Catt Educational Ltd. Published 17th September 2021