The Pastoral Team at Archbishop Temple comprises of four Heads of House, the Transition Coordinator, the School Chaplain, Child Protection Officer and Pastoral Support Officer. The team is overseen by the Director and Assistant Director of Pupils. At the very core of the team's work is the school's Christian ethos, ensuring every pupil is provided with the highest quality of care and attention whilst maintaining the highest of standards. 

Through a well established House system, pupils are encouraged to develop quality relationships. Regular competition and Inter House activities ensure pupils develop a real sense of togetherness, and an awareness of corporate responsibility.

The pastoral team’s work in school is vast and varied, and is concerned with all aspects of our pupils’ wellbeing; Pupils are encouraged to fulfil a wide variety of roles in school, with senior pupils playing an integral role in the younger pupils’ development. Monitoring and mentoring, particularly at key stage four is thorough and effective, whilst the work carried out to ensure every pupil feels safe and valued in school is methodical and comprehensive.

In short, pastoral care at Archbishop Temple Church of England High School ensures every child has the maximum opportunity to achieve. Pupils are encouraged, nurtured, and supported in all aspects of school life, providing an enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding education.