At Archbishop Temple School we believe that extra-curricular trips, workshops and educational visits organised by the school can enhance a pupil’s learning. We run a range of trips and visits across the UK and abroad.

Pupils are given the opportunity to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland, Berlin, Iceland, Holland as well as destinations closer to home including Bletchley Park, the central site for British code-breakers during World War Two, in Milton Keynes and Northumberland. The Drama Department regularly organise theatre visits to support the GCSE curriculum.

The following booklet was devised to provide an overview to the extra-curricular trips on offer throughout a pupil’s time at Archbishop Temple School. All residential trips are paid for in increments to enable parents/carers to budget accordingly. Please note that trips are subject to change and all trip deposits are non-refundable. If your child is in receipt of free school meals financial assistance maybe offered, please see the relevant trips letter for further information. Trip information is correct at the time of publication. 

For information regarding current payments for trips please see the drop down menu. 

Trips Brochure

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