Our vision is a school where all pupils have access to mobile technologies all of the time to support learning. The iPad has become an additional part of our existing teaching toolkit. Our teachers are constantly working with iPads to research and trial the latest developments in this new technology to ensure that this exciting development in our teaching style has a real and quantifiable benefit to the learning experience and achievements of our pupils.

Our current Year 7 - 11 pupils bring iPads to every lesson and these are used in varying ways. We have a strict code of conduct for use within a lesson and teachers can use this technology in many different ways. In some lessons the iPad is used with interactive game software that allows pupils to compete against their peers and test their understanding at the start or end of a lesson and the results provide instantaneous progress feedback to their teachers. In other lessons they are a means of researching information or accessing online textbooks and activities. Some days pupils will use their iPads and the apps we provide to work creatively with multi-media on an individual or group project. Our departments are constantly experimenting with new ways to integrate their use into the classroom experience, whilst equally remaining committed to more traditional teaching.  

For more information on the scheme, please contact Mr P. Cairns - Assistant Headteacher.


iPad for Learning