Archbishop Temple prides itself on inclusivity. We look to support children to allow them to achieve their potential, and not to rest until we have done all we can. 

At school one-to-one help is often available and resources such as laptop computers are utilised. Some pupils have Statements of Special Education Needs and they have additional resources provided to help them overcome their difficulties. Lunchtime clubs are on offer to help pupils make friends, and a well staffed pastoral and support team offers in-class, withdrawal or study support interventions.

Wherever possible we try to ensure that pupils of all abilities study the whole range of National Curriculum subjects and are entered for all formal examinations they study for.

The physical nature of the site currently makes it very difficult for disabled pupils to access the school. The site is hilly and changes in level within and around the school have been accommodated by the incorporation of steps. As at September 2020, the internal environment is largely inaccessible to wheelchair users. There is no lift provision or platform lift provided. However, the governors have commissioned an architect’s report suggesting ways to overcome these problems and hopefully to make the school more accessible within a five year period.

Mr G. Carruthers

Assistant Headteacher/SENCO

SEND Documents