It is easy to apply for a place at our outstanding church school since the Governors are the admissions authority but you must follow the correct procedure. If your child is in Year 6 at a primary school there are TWO forms that need to be completed by 31st October.

FORM ONE is the Local Authority form and you will receive details about this form from the primary school that your child attends. On this form you will be asked to give THREE equal preferences for the three High schools that you would like your child to attend. However, if you want your child to attend this school, it is vital that you place Archbishop Temple School as your highest preference on this Local Authority form because if you satisfy the admission criteria of all your three preference schools, you will be offered a place based on your highest preference school. The Local Authority want you to complete this form on-line but you can ask for a paper copy. If you do NOT complete this form, you will not be part of the admissions process.

FORM TWO is OUR School’s supplementary form which is available from our school and can be found on our website and in our prospectus. You can indicate under which criteria you are applying for a place and this should be returned to our school by the required date.

If you wish to apply for a place at any other time, please contact our school and you will receive individual advice appropriate to your own circumstances.

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Admission documents for September 2022

Due to the temporary closure of public places of worship during the Covid-19 pandemic, Governors have amended the school policy for admissions in September 2022 to take into account these circumstances. The changes mean that attendance at public worship will be considered without the time period in which these venues were closed. The text of the policy has been altered to reflect this change, and the Office of the Schools Adjudicator has been informed along with the Diocese of Blackburn. The above statement is for the purposes of notification, and not consultation. 

Admission Documents for September 2022

Arrangements for admission have been agreed following consultation between the governing body, the Diocesan Board of Education, Local Authorities and other admissions authorities in the area.

The number of places available for admission to Year 7 in the year 2022 will be a maximum of 155. The governing body will not place any restrictions on admissions unless the number of children for whom admission is sought exceeds their admission number. The governing body operates a system of equal preferences under which they consider all preferences equally and the Local Authority notifies parents of the result. In the event that there are more applicants than places, the governing body will allocate places using the admissions policy outlined on the website. For applications into other years, if the year is not full, we will offer a place. If the year group is above its published admission number, parents must appeal for a place in the school using information from the appeals section of the website. 

Lancashire County County administer our school appeals. Information on timescales for these appeals can be found on our appeals page and the Lancashire school appeals page.