We operate a 25 period week, with each lesson lasting one hour. Each day follows this format.

Please see the document below regarding the changes to the school day from September 2020.

8.20am Pupils arrive and go to Form Rooms / Staff Briefing
8.30am Pupils and staff to registration
8.40am Assembly or Tutorial
8.55am Lesson 1
9.55 am Lesson 2
10.55 am Break
11.15pm Lesson 3
12.15pm Lesson 4
1.15pm Lunchtime activities (Cathedral Cafe)
2.15pm Lesson 5
3.15pm Registration & Closing prayers in lesson
3.20pm End of School
3.25pm Buses leave School

Following consultation with parents and carers, Governors met to review all of the comments and decided to proceed with the proposed change to the school day from September 2020. The details are outlined in the document below. 

These changes will now be finalised with the school bus providers. Despite the change to the structure of the school day, we will continue to be open from 7am to 4.30pm each day. (Our school library will be supervised from 2.45pm to 4.30pm from Monday to Thursday every week during term time.)

School Day from September 2020