The Lighthouse Cafe is a place where our students can enjoy a well-balanced meal at an affordable price in the comfort of a light and airy dining area.

We pride ourselves at Archbishop Temple Church of England High School on the variety and quality of the food served in our cafe, produce is sourced seasonally from locally renowned suppliers who use only the best. We were awarded the highest food hygiene rating of 5 on 6th September 2023. 

We run a full catering service starting at 8.00am with breakfast followed at 10.50am by morning break where you can get a wide range of goods from cereal to bacon barms all freshly made in house. Lunch starts at 1.05pm.

Menus are updated every term with input from the students and staff and where possible we try to introduce meals that students will recognise as healthy options when eating outside of the school.

We run a 3 weekly cycle of menus with a daily special chosen by our in house chef, a vegetarian option and a meat option. All of our hot puddings and cakes are made in house by our baker.

At lunch, pupils can choose from freshly made sandwiches or paninis, jacket potatoes, two different types of pasta and there is a daily special every day. We follow the School Foods Standards Practice and all lunch options are healthy choices. 

You may wish to take advantage of our excellent value Meal Deal lunch at £2.47, this can be a drink, hot lunch or sandwich and a pudding or cake. Desserts are not sold separately, students must purchase a 'meal deal' in order to buy a cake or pudding. Items can be purchased individually but can only be served as part of a meal. 

We at The Lighthouse Cafe believe that a happy, well fed student will find learning a more pleasurable experience.

Menus September 2023

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