We are located in the centre of Fulwood, close to Preston College.

Parking is very limited close to school, and cars dropping off and picking up children often cause congestion on St Vincent’s Road. As a result of this, we have specially chartered school buses (provided by the Children’s Services Directorate) bringing pupils in from most areas of the city. Buses have bus prefects to ensure the good behaviour in school extends all the way home. In addition, there are numerous other public service buses that pass close to the school, both on Garstang Road and Sharoe Green Lane.

All children who cycle to school must ask Mrs Player, Pastoral Manager, for an application for a cycle pass. The school kindly asks that pupils don’t cycle to school without receipt of a cycle pass. We are conscious of the need for safety when cycling, and so insist on pupils wearing helmets when riding in. We have a cycle park with stands, pupils must provide their own lock. 

Children who live locally often walk to school. The route from the front of school is well-lit and is busy at all times of the day. 

The front of school is staffed every morning and afternoon, and the member of staff on duty will be happy to answer any queries with regard to travelling to and from the site.

If you have any further questions please contact Mr Carruthers, Assistant Headteacher, via the contact form on the school website

The school bus routes to Archbishop Temple School and school bus fares are detailed in the documents below.

Bus Times and Fares from September 2021

Lancashire County Council School Transport Policy and Guidance