Archbishop Temple Church of England High School support the guidance issued by social network sites of a minimum age restriction of 13 years old. We advise parents to talk to their children about the reasons behind the age restriction as they are there for a reason. The following document, issued by the Department for Education, gives advice on social networking and how parents and carers can protect their children from cyber bullying and how to tackle it if it happens.

New Safer Schools' Advice

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Advice for Parents

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The following E Safety leaflets have been produced by Internet Matters, a not-for-profit organisation that aims to help parents keep their children safe online. The easy to read guides offer lots of useful advice; from top tips to managing screen time, online safety tips to how to create a great environment for parents and children to talk about their online activity. 

Internet Matters E Safety Guides

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Our Parent Mail section is regularly updated with information on the latest social media apps that we feel you should be made aware of. The useful guides below outline the most popular social networking platforms' age restrictions and which social media features are a cause for concern.

Online Safety Parent Mails

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Creating a family agreement is a great way to start conversations about online safety and to discuss any worries you may have. Please download the agreement below to use at home. 

Share Aware Home Agreement

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