Subject: Art and Design


In Art and Design, we aim to develop student’s creative abilities through experience of a range of art, craft and design media and processes. We aim to expand student’s appreciation of art forms from different times and places and to gain inspiration for the development of their own work.

We aim to study a range of subject matter and a balance of art media in the development of skills and confidence throughout KS3 and in readiness for the GCSE course.

Students will learn research, planning and technical skills as part of the art-making process. They will learn about how and why artists produced their own work and gain experience of using a range of materials in the development of their own ideas.


Programmes of Study

Year 7

Students will learn about colour theory and apply this to their work. They will learn about the work of different artists and their use of colour. They will learn approaches to drawing and composition. They will gain experience of using a range of media in the development of their art and design skills.

Year 8

Students will consolidate and extend their drawing skills through a focus on mark-making and the development of tone and texture, including drawing from direct observation. They will develop their research skills through further cultural and artist-related studies and expand their knowledge of media and processes.

Year 9

Students will consolidate their understanding of composition and learn about perspective. They will study the themes of landscape and portraits, as well as architecture. They will continue to extend their artist knowledge with reference to a range of contemporary and traditional artists. 

Year 10

The course offered is Eduqas Art, Craft and Design (Unendorsed) C650QS.

During the first part of the GCSE course students will undertake a series of ‘workshop-style’ sessions to further develop their skills, across a number of themes. They will gain further knowledge and confidence in using an extended range of art media and techniques. They will continue to develop skills of working from direct observation. They will learn about the work of other artists. Students will then go on to choose one of the set themes to develop further into their major coursework project (Portfolio) through sketchbook work. This must address all four exam board Assessment Objectives equally, in depth and detail. Students will have the opportunity to sit a 5 hour mock exam In the summer term of year 10, generating a piece to be incorporated in to their coursework project.

Year 11

The GCSE course offered is Eduqas Art, Craft and Design (Unendorsed) C650QS.

Students will finalise their coursework project in the Autumn term of Yr11 and produce the final, main concluding piece of work for this in a 2 day 10 hour mock examination. In the Spring term students will receive their final exam paper (a choice of 15 topics) and begin to research, plan, prepare and experiment, ahead of completing the final, concluding piece in the exam itself.


Marking and Assessment

Individual pieces of work and class projects at KS3, including homework are marked using the 9-1 grading system. Feedback is given using Assessment for learning principles.

In Year 10 feedback is given for workshop-style pieces to recognise strengths and areas requiring development to enable further progress. Coursework and exam projects are marked using the exam board mark scheme using the four Assessment Objectives. 


Year 10 – I day Mock examination – 5 hours Summer term

Year 11 – 2 day Mock examination – 10 hours Autumn Term

Year 11 – 2 day Final examination – 10 hours Summer term.

Note : The exams in art are purely practical and all of the preparation takes place in sketchbooks ahead of the exam itself. There is no written paper.

Careers and Progression

The GCSE course is purposely broad-based enabling students to go on to study a range of Art and Design-based courses at College. Previous students have gone on to further study and careers in Fashion and Textile design, Photography, Graphic design, Fine Art and Architecture.

Note:  Cardinal Newman College and Runshaw College currently require a GCSE Art and Design for entry onto other creative courses at A level.  To take A level Textiles for example, students would need a qualification in both subjects.

Staff Details

Ms H Murphy (Head of Art) 

Art and Design 5 year Curriculum Plan