Pupils in all year groups have been working hard in both languages this term using interactive games and learning activities on Languagenut to consolidate their learning.  Team Temple is currently 14th in the worldwide rankings. A special shout out goes to English classes 8P, 7R and 8E who have topped our school class leader boards this term.  A huge well done goes to Phoebe, Georgia, Timothy, Jerome, Kaamil, Lucia, Nikola, Anna, Kashvi and Ann Marie who have all achieved a place in our top 10 leaderboard.  

Pupils often complete vocabulary learning homework on Languagenut which are set by the class teacher but they can also use the programme and resources independently to boost their language skills.    

A super effort Team Temple! Let's aim for the top spot by summer! 

Mrs J. Cairns 

Head of Modern Foreign Languages, MFL HUB Lead Specialist, SLE